Scenes of medieval Wales, in Braided Dimensions
Scenes of medieval Wales, in my novel Braided Dimensions

I have been working on a series called Braided Dimensions for six years. Two of the books are completed.

In the first, Kay Halefin runs from Berkeley and her professorship in ancient languages to an office job on the rural coast of Northern California, hounded by controversy over her unconventional research with shamans in remote parts of Northern Europe.

One night, on her walk home from a pagan Samhain celebration, a magnetic, soul-reading bard steps from an oak and draws her to his time, 10th century Wales. At first she cannot find her way back to that bard or his time.

Eventually, her knowledge of ancient languages is the key. She finds her way back to medieval Wales by spirit-travel, into the mind of a healer named Kyna.

While she is seeking to return to that time, that world, it is seeking her.

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