The grand motivation for this site is my fiction, so far a trilogy beginning with the book, Braided Dimensions. But as with any writer, I have many facets. This is an eclectic site in which I combine a number of threads that make up the salient themes in my life. They include not only fiction writing but also depth studies of the unconscious and dream study, symbols and writing systems, and my passion for fantasy fiction as a reader. There is also a political strand. I touch on aspects of community, caring for our Earth’s environment, and delve into my experience working on a Ph.D. All of these themes are woven into my fiction, showing up with community gardens, runes and dream symbols.

Me with a copy of Rodin’s Three Shades at Stanford.

Please join me as I post, along the way, regarding writing-related experiences and insights, or thoughts on the above topics.

Thanks for dropping by!